The day I handed out trash started it all.  As a precocious kindergartener with too much free time on my hands I had the grand idea to write on trash and hand it out to my classmates. There is not much to the story.

I took Mrs. Steiner's classroom roster and some old gum wrappers and proceeded to meticulously write down the name of each student. My tiny little six year old heart was pounding with excitement over the idea of getting to create something that I could share with other folks. The next day, to my surprise, Mrs. Steiner let me take legitimate class time to gift to each of my fellow classmates their very own personalized gum wrapper.

A lot has changed since then: I left my cute suburban St. Louis home and a few cities later landed in Seattle. I’ve aged about 20 years. I can actually spell. I can write in a straight line, and most days I prefer to write on non-trash surfaces.

However, some things are still the same. The heart sparkles are still there every time I get to create.

Oh, you’ve never heard of heart sparkles? Let me explain!

Heart sparkles are those tingly, giddy, excited feelings you get that happen when you do something you were created to do, when you do what you love to do and you are so pumped, jazzed and excited about the end result that you just have to share it!  If you’ve ever made a cake so pretty that you didn’t want to eat it or if you finally mastered the Nae Nae like a pro and couldn’t wait to tell everyone and their mom then congrats you have experienced heart sparkles. So really this space is just a big ol’ pile of heart sparkles spilled out on paper (and maybe even the occasional gum wrapper). So glad that you stopped by!

photo by Nancy Magaña